New World - Victoria Loba [Marga Sol, Darles Flow]
‘New World’ – Victoria Loba first album that presents her Inner World, and the World we are all part of, the only place where Music connects us all, creating a unity, living as ONE! Electronic, modern, melodic, passionate, energetic but sensual album that presents the energy of Life, a Life in this ‘New World’ that Victoria sings about!
Music composed and produced by Marga Sol, Darles Flow (M-Sol Records Studio). Including guests – composers/producers Robert Bilbilov, Ivayo.

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New World - Victoria Loba (Album Promo)

Marga sol, darles flow

Our Time (Feat. Victoria Loba)

marga sol

New World (Feat. Victoria Loba)

marga sol, victoria loba

Burning Heaven (Feat. Victoria Loba)

marga sol, robert bilbilov